Magnetic Blocks JollyHeap®

Magnetic blocks JollyHeap® is a great assistant for You in the following areas:

Game is a great way for each child to learn about the world in the safety and comfort of native home !

Our magnetic blocks JollyHeap is also a great, multifunctional toy and educational tool which will provide a multifaceted and harmonious development of Your child in the place where he stays most often, that is in his own home.

They can appear in Your child’s life at the age of 2-3 years and then, for many years, give him fine entertainment and many opportunities to develop a wide range of skills, both physical and mental or social.

At the very beginning it will probably be simple experiments, such as touching the blocks, lifting and throwing them, rolling and so on. Then the time of more difficult games comes.
The child will begin to explore the action of magnets, comprehend the rules according to which the blocks are connected to each other, and instantly realizes that this is just the beginning of the great game!

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