Magnetic Blocks JollyHeap®
Brand new and unique product


Our toy develops:


  • 3D imagination
  • Logical thinking
  • Communication with coevals
  • Large and small motor skills
  • Creativity

Our construction toy will not only entertain, but also highly stimulate and evolve. Magnetic Blocks JollyHeap help our children to develop their gumption. In addition, they also teach them to be more creative. Playing with our toy gives a lot of benefits: exercises visual – motor coordination, teaches shape recognition and foundations of physics, develops concentration, accuracy, logical thinking, helps in building relationships with coevals and in training flexibility and sportiness.

Only advantages!


Comfortable attraction, easy connection, stability of the constructed structures.


All components of the product are soft, pleasant, comfortable and big enough to grip.


JollyHeap blocks can’t cause any harm to children, because they are soft and don’t have sharp edges.


A variety of structures: houses, cars, towers, furniture, etc. Build your dream!


Made of a soft material, that doesn’t make any noise. The only noise from the fun – is the children’s laugh!


Our blocks are made of a durable and safe material. JollyHeap will be interesting for children of all ages and their parents.

Made by hand


Our blocks are made of the best materials with love. Because of that the quality of JollyHeap is undeniable. To create toys we are using premium materials, durable and safe for children.

Different shapes

Four different shapes of blocks provide a lot of opportunities to create interesting forms. This is the simplest and the most stimulative creative toy. Four shapes of magnetic blocks are very easily attach to each other with the help of a magnetic field and form 2- or 3-dimensional objects of any shape and size.

UA variety of colors

A wide range of colors in JollyHeap toy attracts the attention of the most demanding child.

Standard kit always includes two basic colors to facilitate attraction of the magnets.

Inspection and certification

Our blocks have passed a strict quality control and comply with the European quality standards: Toys directive №635 PN-EN 71-1, EN 71-2, EN 71-3: 2014-12

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