Magnetic Blocks JollyHeap®
A new and effective tool for physical therapy!

If You are currently working with children, both young and older, and Your work includes such areas as:


  • Physiotherapy,
  • Speech therapy,
  • Sensory integration,
  • Oligophrenic pedagogy,
  • Special Education,
  • Other similar treatment options for young patients,
we would like to show something new and perhaps innovative for Your work!
However, first we have a few questions:
Are You currently working with children in the areas listed above, but You have a feeling that the time has come for some new solutions which will improve the results of Your work with young patients and will delight their parents even more?
Have You got the impression while working that Your little patients more and more rapidly get boring of difficult and, for them, often burdensome therapy? Do You notice a decrease of children’s activity during therapy and an increasingly unwelcome belief that therapy is a painful duty?
Probably Your office is not spacious enough to place the multitude of modern devices which facilitate and improve the results of the therapy for children. But, however, You want to have the most modern and attractive therapeutic equipment?
If Your answer to any of the above questions is “Yes”, then You are the right man in the right place and we invite You to get acquainted with our offer!
It has been known for a long time that during therapy children react on different procedures and exercises in a completely different way than adults. Often, some of the procedures for children are simply inexplicable. In this case, an appropriate approach and appropriate equipment is required, which will cause trust and interest of the child, allowing to continue exercises. At any stage of the activities a child should not feel that therapy is a tedious duty associated with unpleasant feelings. A much better effect of treatment can be achieved when for the child this therapy is associated with fun and joy!

One of the toys, which is always very positively accepted by small patients are building blocks. However, not every set of blocks has the respective wide therapeutic capabilities, not to mention the wide range of applications during therapy of different types of patients – children with disabilities, patients with posture defects or sensory integration disorders.

Currently, it is very difficult to find building blocks in the market, which can be used for treatment of small patients. And if we succeed, most of those building blocks will have some drawbacks and inconveniences:
Some blocks, for example, can only be played by children at a certain age, but for children older or younger, such blocks will be useless!
In case with many of blocks it looks quite troublesome to take care of their cleanliness and hygiene!
Many of construction blocks’ sets are unfortunately quite fragile, and when faced with the imagination of our young wards may simply not last long!
It is very difficult to use popular sets of blocks to create rehabilitation devices, which combine efficiency and pleasure for the patient!

That is why, we want to introduce You a very special and innovative building blocks which, with a certain probability, do not have any of the above mentioned disadvantages and at the same time can be used in a very creative way while treating of young patients, at different levels and at different scales. Besides, they provide great fun during therapy!

With great pride and pleasure we’d like to introduce You our
Magnetic Blocks JollyHeap®!

​How You can use
Magnetic Blocks JollyHeap® during therapy


Watch the video below to learn the opinion about our magnetic blocks JollyHeap and their use in therapy, of physiotherapist from the Fund “Mam poMoc” (“Must Help”), Mr. Rafał Królak::


Cannot hide, that Magnetic Blocks JollyHeap® were created primarily with the idea to give our children wonderful educational fun. To our surprise, after several consultations with physiotherapists, it turned out that they can serve as a phenomenal tool for physiotherapy, with multi-level children’s motor skills’ support at various stages of their lives.
Using Magnetic Blocks JollyHeap® therapist obtains a device for training both large and small motor skills
In case of hand’s therapy our Magnetic Blocks JollyHeap® transform into a multidimensional hand training set for almost all kinds of grip! You can start the game (and the therapy at the same time) with one element, and then move it to the larger chain of connections – just increase the size of the blocks by combining them into different shapes!
Our Magnetic Blocks JollyHeap® are very mobile – they can be easily moved from room to room, and after the end of the therapy, for example, can be put under the wall. Also, each rehabilitation specialist can effortlessly transport them by car to his young patients for conducting home therapy sessions, and build quickly any device : a roller, a slide, a dumbbell, a maze, a stair, a mattress, etc. Thanks to this, the child, playing carefree, will not even realize that he is undergoing a rehabilitation!
JollyHeap® Magnetic Blocks (thanks to very powerful built-in magnets) provide high strength to the built structures, even in the case of rehabilitation of older children with heavier weight!
These building blocks are ideal for young patients with disabilities, developmental disabilities, dyslexia, learning difficulties in reading or problems with concentration!
Magnetic Blocks JollyHeap® are especially recommended for children with autism and Asperger’s syndrome. Special sets of JollyHeap blocks are used in the offices of psychologists, teachers, therapists. These carefully designed cubes serve patients for creating fairy stories, designed to soften the description of their traumatic events or help them to cope with the stressful situations. Building blocks’ therapy helps children with autism to develop social skills (a particularly sensitive zone in their case). Children learn to work together, to notice another person and to communicate!

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Let’s review the important features of
Magnetic Blocks JollyHeap®

Safe for children

Our blocks are safe for children and resistant to abrasion, they are made of delicate but very strong material (does not contain phthalates, cadmium and primary aromatic amines), soft filler and have no sharp edges, providing a very high level of safety. In addition, they are lightweight and match to the size of the child’s hand, due to what even the smallest of Your patients can play them safely. Moreover, it is easy to take care of hygiene with our blocks. If there is such a need, they can be cleaned without any problems with a damp cloth or wash in the washing machine, thus taking care of the hygiene and safety of Your little patients.

Irresistible urge to play

Soft building blocks cause children irresistible urge to play. And through the game, children are much more willing to take an active part in the exercises which are the part of the therapy. That is why our blocks is a very effective tool for all institutions and offices in which various kinds of therapeutic sessions with young patients are held!

Magnetic Blocks JollyHeap®

Magnetic Blocks JollyHeap® are very effective in neurobiological therapy, while conducting general developmental classes, speech and pedagogical therapy. Building blocks can be used in everyday general education work at home, in kindergarten, office and at school!

What do You think? Will the Magnetic Blocks JollyHeap® be able to raise the quality of Your therapeutic work with young patients to a new level?

Please, see the reviews of our Customers

I’ve been doing physical therapy for children with specialization on diagnosis and treatment of posture defects. You can often find me on different fairs and events, related to healthcare and child’s health as a diagnostician and consultant. During my career, I’ve examined postures and feet of thousands of children. Being in the world of shoes, toys and gadgets for kids, I have the opportunity to track and test goods for the little ones from the point of view of security and support of children’s healthy development.

Also, I’m a co-founder of the Fund Mam po Moc (Must Help), which the main goal is to organize a joint pastime and leisure for children with special needs and able-bodied children. Our Fund opens the first family children’s integration club-cafe in Wroclaw.

Searching for safe toy, to be used by each child, also with a disability, I’ve found magnetic blocks JollyHeap. I am very satisfied with them, because, using them, children cooperate well with each other and learn how to help other children with lower abilities and with the same enthusiasm create figures of magnetic blocks. It quickly became clear that the magnetic blocks are well proven as a multifunctional tool for physical therapy. Physiotherapy for children is a hard work, so, as a stimulus for the exercises, non-standard items are often used, beginning from soft toys, small car models and blocks to skateboards. During each visit children react with great enthusiasm on JollyHeap magnetic blocks, and training process ,full of challenges, is considered to be a funny entertainment.

With the biggest pleasure I use magnetic blocks during therapy of children with intellectual disabilities, since the magnetic blocks are pleasant to touch and soft, children do not have any fears about them. I use them as a bed, table for physiotherapy, obstacle course, paths for balance training, coordination stairs, slides and slopes, dumbbells, steppers of different heights, and even as a roller. The child can be involved in all these arrangements because building figures of magnetic blocks JollyHeap is in itself develops sensory integration, coordination, concentration and attention of the child.

I recommend JollyHeap for each children’s physiotherapy cabinet . They have great design, easy to clean and can substitute equipment for physiotherapy.

Rafał Królak

Physiotherapist, Foundation MamPomoc from Wroclaw

Both the home for children with different types of dysfunction and any therapeutic center requires equipment that, on the one hand, would allow us to perform our educational and therapeutic tasks, on the other – would allow to realize the maximum potential of the child, and at the same time would be least associated with the process of therapy and training.

The magnetic blocks JollyHeap, due to their simple form and universal shapes, as well as the incredible ease of connection and disconnection allow unlimited in time and space to change the place for work, therapy, rest and fun – the whole environment of the child.
Due to the possibility of forming all kinds of planes, sizes and shapes of structures built of these blocks, we can adapt them to individual limitations and dysfunctions of the child, so that he could make the best use of his potential.

An exceptional advantage is that the child, even without special skills of movement coordination, organization and technical skills, together with a teacher or therapist can actively participate in the organization of space for play, learning and therapy.

The specificity of the blocks and the simplicity of their connection in an endless number of variations, allows the game to be the therapy, and the therapy to be the game.
The child creates its own environment, can analyze his capabilities, limitations, assesses by himself his abilities and needs. Often, his ideas and the way of building a space around himself, serve as an inspiration for parents, teachers and therapists.

The use of such mobile, and, at the same time, easy to connect elements allows You to form and improve such qualities as the organization and coordination of movements, inventing and planning of several options for own activity and its conditions. This allows You to release and develop the child’s creativity in general and in particular. Certainly under condition of full control by adults at the time of activity

For what kind of children would be useful to use such an equipment?

Due to its universal nature, ease of use, form and texture, we can use JollyHeap blocks not only with healthy children, but also with those who have presented a variety of dysfunctions.
It is almost impossible to find restrictions for their application.
They can serve as an ideal mat for children with excessive response to sensory stimulation and other feelings.
Here there are plenty of possibilities. It can be a bed, a chair, a tabletop, all sorts of oblique and complex planes, due to which we can extinguish some non-functional reaction of the child, stimulating at the same time, its spontaneous activity of both common and exact.

They can become a material for the creation of spatial structures, developing and improving all kinds of abilities of the child in this area: planning, organization of movement, coordination and accuracy, evaluation and easy correction of their own actions, perception and evaluation of space, awareness of the position and movement of their body.
Ideal for individual work, providing the opportunity to assist and manage the actions of the child, with the possibility to change the range and direction of his attention and the nature of his activities – from the most dynamic and unorganized, and later, to organized and planned.

Ideal for teamwork, allowing You to organize the planned work in a group, logically and, seemingly accidentally managing it, providing the opportunity to customize the level of difficulty of the game or the elements of therapy to the level of skills, concentration, coordination and attention of each child individually, even if in the same group their capabilities and skills are represented on different levels.

Much depends on the professional training and ingenuity of teachers and therapists. It’s JollyHeap blocks, but not the child we adjust, in the full sense of the word, to its needs, in principle, during any of the activity– from leisure to work and entertainment.

Paweł Zawitkowski

The physical therapist, the author of the event,
books and films from the series:
“Mom, Dad, what do You say to that?”

Now it is up to You whether You want to provide Your little patients with even better conditions and a higher effect of therapy? And for this to make that during each visit children enter Your office with a smile on their face, knowing that not the boring and exhausting therapy is waiting for them, but great and exciting game with our magnetic blocks. And therapy, of course, will take place… quietly, imperceptibly, almost casually!

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