JollyHeap Playgrounds

Blocks from JollyHeap in the playroom

JollyHeap blocks provide children with safe
and creative play through simple connecting and building various structures. Their construction possibilities are practically limitless, making them enjoyable regardless of age. Additionally, they are easy to keep clean and after playtime, you can simply stack them against a wall, taking up minimal space.

Why JollyHeap blocks?

For small and big

JollyHeap blocks engage for long hours – regardless of age.

Building blocks is incredibly absorbing, capturing all attention and bringing joy to both little ones and adults.

JollyHeap for all ages

Ideal for groups

JollyHeap blocks allow for group play and competition and the wide range of modifications means there are as many ways to play as the imagination allows.




We know that in playrooms, children intensively use toys for long hours. Therefore, the blocks are designed to handle even the most mischievous ones.

Polish product
They don’t crush
Always return to shape

Easy to clean


You can wash them in the washing machine

Safe for the youngest

On the market, there are plenty of toys for playgrounds, but only a few allow the smallest ones to play.


Utilise their mobility

Thanks to easy portability and the ability to freely divide sets into smaller ones, you can take the blocks to an outdoor party, another room, or simply divide them among several groups of children.

Recommended sets

Most commonly purchased for a playroom
300-500 blocks
When buying 300+ blocks
Special offer
We provide a
post-warranty service
Buy with discount


300 Blocks
4 Shapes
  • Perfect solution for kindergartens 
  • Optimal set for medium-sized play areas


500 Blocks
4 Shapes
  • most frequently chosen for soft playgrounds
  • you can divide it into smaller sets


700 Blocks
4 Shapes
  • best building possibilities
  • blocks placed side by side will have a length of 84 meters!


100 Blocks
2 Shapes
  • good starter set for group play
  • Optimal building possibilities
  • Build structures for exercise, competition, and relaxation.


150 Blocks
2 Shapes
  • optimal set for therapy and exercises
  • best starter set for group play