JollyHeap Crazy set

Suitable for: 12-20 children playing simultaneously
Recommended age: 1-99
Ideal set for:
playroom, amusement park, school, preschool
The set consists of magnetic blocks in 4 shapes allowing to freely build figures, hideouts, exercise objects, or furniture.

How big is the set?

If you were to arrange 700 cubes into a wall as shown in the picture, it would have dimensions of 120×840 cm.

How to store it?

When folded into a cube, the blocks will occupy just 1.2 m³ of space! Practical, isn’t it?

JollyHeap Crazy Set Size
What’s included in the set:


532 cubes

JollyHeap Block

271 x South pole

271 x North pole

56 truncated cubes

JollyHeap Block

28 x South pole

28 x North pole

84 triangles

JollyHeap Block

42 x South pole

42 x North pole

28 pyramids

JollyHeap Block

14 x South pole

14 x North pole

Number of magnets in the set


36 color combinations

see colours >

What can I build with them?

Everything! Slides, little animals, vehicles, obstacle courses, hideouts, and even furniture! This set allows building huge structures and is great for group play.

Crazy- JollyHeap
Crazy- JollyHeap
Crazy- JollyHeap
Crazy- JollyHeap
Create entire worlds and atmospheric scenes.

Create themed objects – fantastic worlds from fairy tales and movies, elements of nature and landscapes, or specialized vehicles that little ones can hop into and drive off into the world of fantasy.


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12 Blocks / 2 Shapes

Perfect for the beginning of your JollyHeap adventure. Recommended for the youngest children who enjoy free-form building and stacking blocks.



100 Blocks / 4 Shapes

Similar to the Basic set but with blocks in 4, not 2 shapes, allowing for more creative and challenging play.



300 Blocks / 4 Shapes

A set that allows multiple children to play simultaneously. Recommended for spaces with a play area of up to ~20m2.