JollyHeap Pixi Set

Recommended Age: 0-3

Perfect for starting the adventure of manipulation. The set allows for the first, entirely safe, interaction with the forces of physics, problem-solving processes, and creative thinking. The blocks can be freely toppled, sat on, and thrown, ensuring the youngest ones a lot of carefree fun.

Jolly Heap Mountain
Jolly Heap Pixi
What’s in the set?


8 cubes

Jolly Heap Block

4x South Pole

Jolly Heap Block

4x North Pole

4 triangles

Jolly Heap Block Triangle

2x South Pole

Jolly Heap Block Triangle

2x North Pole

Number of magnets in the set


36 color combinations

See colours >

What can you build with them?

12 blocks will allow you to build animals, figures, or towers, and also enable free manipulation of the blocks.

Pixi- JollyHeap
Pixi- JollyHeap
Pixi- JollyHeap
Pixi- JollyHeap
Pixi- JollyHeap
JollyHeap Space
Packed in EcoBox

Environmentally friendly packaging

JollyHeap Package
Help with motor coordination

Build soft, safe objects for climbing, balancing exercises, and overall motor development.

Jolly Heap
Jolly Heap
Jolly Heap

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