JollyHeap Blocks in Education
and Early Development

JollyHeap construction sets allow learning
and development through carefree play.

They divert the attention of your charges from the work at hand
and turn duty into curiosity and engagement.

How can JollyHeap blocks aid in development?

They teach basic maths, physics and engineering.

Creating stable structures requires an understanding of the principles of balance and the impact of gravity on structures. While building, children can observe how various forces affect the elements of construction and the reactions they cause.

They allow for tranquility.

By hiding, children may feel separated from the external world and gain a certain type of control over the situation. This gives them a sense of security and allows for the exploration of their own emotions.

An alternative to the digital world.

In a world where screens absorb our attention and time, it is worth encouraging children to be active in the real world. Especially during intensive development, when the brain forms habits.

They facilitate therapy and rehabilitation.

With JollyHeap® blocks, you can turn dull exercises into play. The ability to freely transform objects for exercises arouses curiosity and allows forgetting about effort.

They develop fine and gross motor skills.

JollyHeap® blocks encourage throwing, carrying, climbing, and overcoming obstacles. Such training promotes the development of both large and small motor skills and enhances manual dexterity, including various types of grip: cylindrical, pinch and precision.

They develop teamwork skills.

During shared play, children learn to collaborate, listen to other ideas and communicate their intentions. Collaborating, they face the opinions of others, developing the ability to work out compromises.

They teach problem-solving and solution-seeking.

During play, children go through the entire process of dealing with problems. From recognizing the problem and analysing its causes, through generating and testing solutions, to reflection and adjustment.

Improvement of visual-motor coordination.

Manipulating blocks requires the synchronisation of body movements with information provided by sight. Blocks connect alternately in terms of colours, so the brain must constantly coordinate the collaboration of vision and hands during placement.

Physical Development

With blocks, you can create various objects for general developmental exercises—climbing, overcoming obstacles, or improving balance.



Free stacking, creating objects for interaction, throwing and demolishing — JollyHeap blocks provide lots of pure fun.

JollyHeap Play
JollyHeap Activity

Activity and Therapy

JollyHeap blocks encourage movement during stacking. Jumping, rolling, running and throwing are natural activities that accompany play with soft blocks.

You can successfully use the blocks
in various types of therapy.


After intensive learning or play, your charges can quickly build a mattress, sofa, or chair for relaxation, thereby tidying up the blocks after activity.

JollyHeap Rest


By building hideouts with blocks, children can feel separated from the external world and gain a certain type of control over the situation. This gives them a sense of security and allows for the exploration of their own emotions.

JollyHeap House

Use a board for stacking

Teach mathematics, play charades, create logical puzzles.

Create Physical Education in the Classroom

The gym is occupied?
No problem! With JollyHeap PE blocks, you can conduct classes in the classroom.


Recommended Sets

Most frequently purchased
in the education sector
100-300 blocks
With a purchase of 300+ blocks
Special offer
We will tailor the offer closely
to your budget
Buy with discount


300 Blocks
4 Shapes
  • Perfect solution for kindergartens 
  • Optimal set for medium-sized play areas


500 Blocks
4 Shapes
  • most frequently chosen for soft playgrounds
  • you can divide it into smaller sets


700 Blocks
4 Shapes
  • best building possibilities
  • blocks placed side by side will have a length of 84 meters!


50 Blocks
2 Shapes
  • Best for individual needs
  • Ideal for expansion
  • Optimal for a little playcorner


100 Blocks
2 Shapes
  • good starter set for group play
  • Optimal building possibilities
  • Build structures for exercise, competition, and relaxation.


100 Blocks
4 Shapes


150 Blocks
2 Shapes
  • optimal set for therapy and exercises
  • best starter set for group play