JollyHeap Medium Set

Recommended Age: 1-99

Suitable for: 1-2 children

Perfect set for:
nursery, mini play area, children’s room

JollyHeap Kosmo Girl
What’s in the set?


40 cubes

JollyHeap Block

20x South Pole

JollyHeap Block

20x North Pole

10 triangles

JollyHeap Triangle

5x South Pole

JollyHeap Triangle

5x North Pole

Number of magnets in the set


36 colour combinations

See colours >

What can you build with them?

50 blocks will allow you to build numerous figures that surpass the builder in size. It’s also a sufficient quantity to construct small structures, hideouts, or objects for exercise and play, such as “leapfrog.”

Medium- JollyHeap
Medium- JollyHeap
Medium- JollyHeap
Arrange on a board

The blocks connect perfectly to surfaces influenced by magnetism.

JollyHeap Blocks
Packed in EcoBox

Environmentally friendly packaging

JollHeap Medium Set Package

A table with chairs, a mini throne, an armchair, and even a sofa. Children can construct furniture and learn the basics of design, including problem-solving, identifying needs and creating solutions.

JollyHeap Dinner Set
JollyHeap Armchair
JollyHeap Sunbed
JollyHeap Couch

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100 Blocks / 4 Shapes

Similar to the Basic set but with blocks in 4, not 2 shapes, allowing for more creative and challenging play.



300 Blocks / 4 Shapes

A set that allows multiple children to play simultaneously. Recommended for spaces with a play area of up to ~20m2.



24 Blocks / 2 Shapes

For children beginning to think creatively and consciously manipulate objects and shapes.