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Kindergarten or school can be even better!

You are currently managing or working in kindergarten and You think it is worth it to provide somehow Your children with more toys to ensure their comprehensive development. And, besides, that kind of toys, which will be a good entertainment… and so the children will come to kindergarten with pleasure and joy?
Probably You are the person responsible for conducting school lessons, conducting an after-school group, and want to give Your wards the opportunity to participate in a creative, developing, giving a lot of joy, and, above all, safe play during the lessons or waiting for the next class or the arrival of parents?
Or maybe You are just planning to open a kindergarten, and from the very beginning You want to provide Your little wards with the opportunity to participate in a creative and exciting game? In addition in safe game which uses various forms of activity, in order to stimulate the development of the child?

If Your answer to any of the above questions is “Yes”, then You are the right man in the right place and we invite You to get acquainted with our offer!

It has been known for a long time that building blocks are one of the most stimulating, developing and engaging forms of fun for young children. In addition, they offer many solutions and possibilities to organize a specific didactic work. They stimulate various thinking forms of preschoolers as well as younger pupils, they arouse their curiosity, encourage them to develop their interests – which in many areas stimulate the child’s intellectual development!

“The stores have a lot of toys that make sounds and glow lights. Unfortunately, only according to the name they can be called educational, most of them are based on the reproduction and duplication by the child of one and the same action, but not on the awakening of his imagination and creativity. What’s creative about pushing buttons to compel a toy make a sound? If You are looking for a toy that would be able to accelerate the development of the child on many levels, bet on the cubes. The cubes must be among the toys in each kindergarten!”

A fragment of the article “Building blocks are not only a fun” from the portal Osesek.PL

Currently, it can be found in the market a lot of building blocks which stimulate and take care of children’s imagination. Unfortunately, the majority of them has significant drawbacks (here we are referring to disadvantages from the point of view of the user or the person exercising custody of the children in the kindergarten or at school)

Some blocks, for example, can only be played by children at a certain age, but for children older or younger, such blocks will be useless.

Other blocks (e.g. blocks from the famous Danish company), can develop the mind and imagination of older children, but for young children they can be just dangerous!

In case with many of blocks it looks quite troublesome to take care of their cleanliness and hygiene.

Many of construction blocks’ sets are unfortunately quite fragile, and when faced with the imagination of our young wards may simply not last long

That is why, we want to introduce You a very special building blocks which, with a certain probability, do not have any of the above mentioned disadvantages and at the same time very intensively use children’s imagination and care about its development. And, by the way, they give children a wonderful, exciting entertainment. That is, they act exactly as our little wards and their parents would like!

And in addition, they provide educators, pedagogues and teachers a very wide range of opportunities for creative activities with both young and older children!

With great pride and pleasure we’d like to introduce You our Magnetic Blocks JollyHeap®!

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Next stages of the game, or what provide
JollyHeap® Magnetic Blocks


At the beginning, children experiment with the blocks – they surround them, touch them, get acquainted with their shape, texture and color. Sometimes they throw them (it’s safe and funny at the same time!), and then instantly begin to discover the possibility of connecting the blocks with the help of built-in magnets.

Then the time for more advanced game comes with use of built-in magnets. Children start to build more high and complex constructions using JollyHeap® Magnetic Blocks, discovering them for themselves again and again.
Finally, the third stage comes, even more interesting and exciting, both for children and often for their tutors. The stage where children just want to play and have a fun, and do not think about anything else. At this stage, Magnetic Blocks JollyHeap® become a great material for creating a structural background for games with a fabulous storyline, based on the unbridled imagination and so beloved by children.
There appear princesses, imprisoned in the towers and waiting for the brave knight. Brave defenders of the castle arise and protect the village from hordes of enemies. Cars, houses, tanks, shops, planes, and plenty of more complex constructions… and the only limit becomes is the imagination of children, which, as we know, can be unlimited! And on the development of which we are so eager!

At this stage of entertainment, Magnetic Blocks of JollyHeap® and playing with them become a very strong stimulus for the development of various types of the child’s imagination, and this causes the sustainable development of the child’s brain, accelerating and strengthening the stimulation of the right hemisphere of the brain, which during the ordinary teaching process of our children, unfortunately, is given insufficient attention.

Watch the video below to learn the opinion of psychologist, teacher and therapist Mrs. Anna Dudek about Magnetic Blocks JollyHeap:

“Building blocks are universal toy, beloved by children from an early age. They are ideal both for girls and boys. What is interesting, girls build low and closed structures; while boys tend to build as high buildings as possible.

Playing with building blocks is a continuous advantage:

  • Practices manual skills thereby preparing children to study writing.
  • Improves concentration.
  • Develops visual coordination.
  • Develops imagination.
  • Develops creativity.
  • Joint construction of figures using blocks together with parents or other children teaches to interact and share!”

A fragment of the article “Building blocks are not only a fun” from the portal Osesek.PL

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Let’s review the important features
of Magnetic Blocks JollyHeap®

Safe for children

Our blocks are safe for children, they are made of delicate material (does not contain phthalates, cadmium and primary aromatic amines), soft filler and have no sharp edges, providing a very high level of safety. In addition, our blocks are not dangerous for young children, unlike other toys that contain small parts.

Great fun

Our blocks provide kids great fun on multiple levels:

  • starting from a simple touch, rolling or throwing
  • then building of increasingly complicated structures
  • and finally playing more or less complicated games with our blocks, which are based on a fairy tales plot, involving children to the center of an exciting, spectacular , long-lasting memorable and unlimited entertainment

Easy to take care

It is easy to take care of hygiene with our blocks. If there is such a need, they can be cleaned without any problems with a damp cloth or wash in the washing machine, thus taking care of the hygiene and safety of Your little guests and the tranquility of their parents!

What do You think? Will the Magnetic Blocks JollyHeap® be able to raise the quality of Your kindergarten, school or center to a new level?

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Children are very willingly choosing JollyHeap blocks, as they allow them to create different structures (furniture, animals, houses, cars, etc.). Thanks to that they are used in various thematic games. Magnets allow to create complex spatial structures, the implementation of which would be impossible with the use of traditional building blocks. It is incredibly simple to connect and disconnect the elements and it encourages children to experiment and develop creativity.

We recommend to everyone, small and big, games with Jolly Heap blocks.

Dagmara Witczak

Private Therapeutic Unit “Kocurek”
At the Centre of Therapy “Rozproszone Zmysły”

Now, it’s up to You whether You want to leave it the way it was. Or do You want to transform Your kindergarten, using new opportunities which give our magnetic blocks. And thanks to it, You’ll provide much better and more interesting working conditions for Your teachers, educators or pedagogues, and they will have much more opportunities for interesting, creative and educational activities with children!

What if Your wonderful, ideal kindergarten is just in its infancy, and now is the best time to take care not only of the fun and smiles of Your future little visitors, but also of their imagination and intelligence development , thanks to our magnetic blocks JollyHeap®

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